What is Aceituna?



What is Aceituna?

Aceituna or olive in English, is a species of a small fruit from a tree in the Oleaceae family, commonly found in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Basin and southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. The Aceituna or olive is an evergreen with a distinctive silvery-green. Deep Rooted, it is slow to mature and very long lived. Many Aceituna growing regions can show gnarled trees that are many hundreds of years old.

Van Gogh was said to have painted 19 pictures of aceituna trees, he found that painting aceituna trees very attractive but difficult for its twisted trunks.

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Old Olive Tree

Aceituna Cultivation

Aceituna tree began to cultivated in Palistine and Syria well before 3000 BC, and in the following 6000 years have spread to Southern Europe and also east to Asia.

Andalusia, Spain is the largest aceituna producing nation in the world. There they cultivate several different varieties of aceituna, but a variety called Picual is by far the largest cultivated tree.

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Aceituna Recipes

mexican Aceituna Olive SaladMexican Aceituna Salad (Olive Salad)

Cook the ground beef in a large pan or skillet, while cooking stir to break up meat. Drain, and let cool. Mix beef, Cheddar cheese, salad dressing, black aceitunas, and green aceitunas. Cool. Add tomatoes, lettuce, and chips,give the salad a light toss. Serve immediately. Read More…